Looking for ways to deal with stress at work?

Want to make your office a place where work gets done and everyone's happy?

We get it. You want your team to feel good, work well together, and do great things. You're aiming to make your whole team healthier and more successful.

You and your team aren't alone in feeling stressed all the time – it's a big global problem. Chronic stress makes people feel overwhelmed and frustrated. It destroys the balance between work and home, making your employees tired and unhappy with their work. Ultimately leading to burnout and job dissatisfaction.

Remember, it's not just about numbers; it's the personal well-being and happiness of every team member that counts.

Negative Impacts of Workplace Stress 

$14.81 Billion

Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year.


3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress.

$10.11 Billion

Stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.


  • Onsite with light seasonal breakfast included.
Ideal for:
  • High-stress industries and teams with demanding roles.
  • Leadership groups focused on building resilience, productivity, mindful leadership and stress management.


  • Option to add on breakfast or lunch.
  • Onsite or at location offsite.
Ideal for:
  • High-stress industries and teams with demanding roles.
  • Leadership groups focused on building resilience, productivity, mindful leadership and stress management.

Mindfulness Breakfast Workshop

Where does happiness sit on your scale of importance in the workplace?

For you?
For your Team?

Are you open to considering that mindfulness can unlock improved productivity?
We’ve observed that happiness in the workplace improves team cohesion, is that something that could add value to you and your workplace?

Many ask is mindfulness practical in a corporate setting? Many also asked that about exercise years ago. The answer to both is YES and research confirms it.

Would you be open to an initial taster? A mindfulness breakfast is a popular way for you and your team to have a taste one morning.
Join with the thousands of companies worldwide that are introducing mindfulness for a happier and safer working environment.
We have limited spots left for 2024 breakfasts, reach out to grab a spot for your team now.



In today's fast-paced world, stressed leaders risk burnout, making them less effective for their teams.

Wondering if happiness-focused leadership is practical? Research has shown that addressing stress directly impacts team dynamics and organisational success.

Ready to unlock being the best role model as a leader for your team?
Book the Happy Leaders workshop and supercharge your bottom line.


Here is How it Works

Step 1 - Talk to Us:

Start with a chat where we'll learn about your employees challenges, needs and goals.

Step 2 - Pick a Program

Choose from our stress-reducing and happiness-increasing day retreats starting from 3-hours to full days programs that suit your team the best.

Step 3 - Achieve Workplace Wellness

Schedule it in, and gain the support you all the way to ensure it brings positive changes to the individuals and your workplace.

Schedule a 15min Introductory Call

Why wait?

When you pick our workshops for your team, you're choosing to help your employees get better and be happier. Give them ways to handle stress at work and home, make a workplace where everyone helps each other, and teach them how to stay strong even when work gets tough. Help them learn healthy habits for their bodies and minds, which will make them more satisfied and focused at work.

If you ignore these things, you as a leader could end up with more stress, a workplace full of tension, and a harder time doing your job well. This could lead to more people taking days off because of stress, spending more money because staff keep leaving, and less work getting done, and in the end, your company could make less money and damage its reputation

Invest in your employees and you'll be the leader known for creating a calm and busy workplace. Like one of our past clients who was a high level senior manager, who invested in her team to give them ways to handle stress and become known as a leader who really takes care of the organisation's workplace wellness.

Don't let stress be in charge of your workplace. It's easy to start, and the quicker you look after your team's well-being, the faster you'll see the good results that comes from being a great leader – productivity, resilience, happiness and a better bottom line.

Book a 15-minute introductory call

Success Stories


“Heidi has worked with us on a number of occasions over the years. Notably, her online meditation sessions have really helped to provide our staff with scheduled time to switch off and release stress during their working day. The feedback from participants was more than the physical benefits, creating a sense of connection and wellbeing. In addition, Heidi supported us for RUOK day, facilitating a mindfulness session that where our staff could pause and reflect on their own self-care. Heidi’s style is very inclusive and enables all staff to participate and feel comfortable in these sessions. Heidi is always willing to answer questions and provide personalised guidance.”

Lisa Price
Head of Human Resources/HR BP HP ANZ Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Ltd

“I have known Heidi professionally for 10 months through Bupa Corporate Wellness. She has been a service provider to one of my platinum clients providing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and presentations. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge to our weekly wellness programs from her decades of experience. She is professional, warm and personable and brings this energy into every session. Staff are influenced by her calm energy and look forward to her sessions week to week. I would highly recommend Heidi as a workplace wellness facilitator for any program.”

Estelle Rose Rehayem
Wellness Advisor, Bupa Wellness - DRP

"Heidi’s presentation to our staff for our Wellness Day was practical, informative, engaging and impacting for the staff at Rydges Sydney Airport. Her personal stories made what she offered so relatable to everyone. Her knowledge of how to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing stress was just what we needed to hear in what can be very busy and stressful work environments but also to help manage the issues we face in our personal lives. I would highly recommend Heidi for your conference or event. An exceptional talent and highly professional.."

Joanna Carruthers
General Manager Rydges Sydney Airport

"Thank you for your presentation in the 8th Public Sector EA/PA Summit that ran last week. On behalf of Akolade, we sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you put into being there at the event and sharing your work with our delegates - the event was a success because of your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge and learnings. Your presentation was inspiring and I'm sure everyone at the conference took away heaps of helpful tips to take back to their own organisations."

Bianca Almeida
Akolade - Learning and Development HUB for Industry Professionals.