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"I would highly recommend Heidi for your conference or event. An exceptional talent and highly professional."

Joanna Carruthers

General Manager, Rydges Sydney Airport

If your audience is looking for a professional, inspiring and experienced speaker or wellness presenter, look no further!

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Self-Generated Happiness in Just One Minute

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What I'm going to share with you is from my own lived experience, how to rewire your brain for inner happiness enjoy each and every day. It is imperative to me that you understand that there are tools and strategies so that when life throws things at you that you can’t control (and it will!), you know that you are in control of self generating your inner happiness each and every day. from as little as one minute.

Happiness is the number one thing people want in life. So what do we do about this? Right? We can keep it simple. Stop spending so much time and energy chasing happiness, and choose happiness

Global happiness research is frightening. Statistics show worldwide 4 in 10 adults experience a lot of worry and stress (and this is increasing)daily. More than 1 in 4 experience sadness and anger. These are not signs of a happy people in a happy world.

The good news is inner happiness, joy is a choice we can choose everyday. We can wake up each day and smile. Research has shown we can rewire our brain to make yourself happy. We can do this with starting with one magical minute a day and I am excited to share with you how you can do this in three steps. It is simple, proven and can change your life.


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What Clients Are Saying

“Heidi has worked with us on a number of occasions over the years. Notably, her online meditation sessions have really helped to provide our staff with scheduled time to switch off and release stress during their working day. The feedback from participants was more than the physical benefits, creating a sense of connection and wellbeing. In addition, Heidi supported us for RUOK day, facilitating a mindfulness session that where our staff could pause and reflect on their own self-care. Heidi’s style is very inclusive and enables all staff to participate and feel comfortable in these sessions. Heidi is always willing to answer questions and provide personalised guidance.”

Lisa Price
Head of Human Resources/HR BP HP ANZ Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Ltd

“I have known Heidi professionally for 10 months through Bupa Corporate Wellness. She has been a service provider to one of my platinum clients providing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and presentations. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge to our weekly wellness programs from her decades of experience. She is professional, warm and personable and brings this energy into every session. Staff are influenced by her calm energy and look forward to her sessions week to week. I would highly recommend Heidi as a workplace wellness facilitator for any program.”

Estelle Rose Rehayem
Wellness Advisor, Bupa Wellness - DRP

"Heidi’s presentation to our staff for our Wellness Day was practical, informative, engaging and impacting for the staff at Rydges Sydney Airport. Her personal stories made what she offered so relatable to everyone. Her knowledge of how to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing stress was just what we needed to hear in what can be very busy and stressful work environments but also to help manage the issues we face in our personal lives. I would highly recommend Heidi for your conference or event. An exceptional talent and highly professional.."

Joanna Carruthers
General Manager Rydges Sydney Airport

"Thank you for your presentation in the 8th Public Sector EA/PA Summit that ran last week. On behalf of Akolade, we sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you put into being there at the event and sharing your work with our delegates - the event was a success because of your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge and learnings. Your presentation was inspiring and I'm sure everyone at the conference took away heaps of helpful tips to take back to their own organisations."

Bianca Almeida
Akolade - Learning and Development HUB for Industry Professionals.

Other Speaker Topics

As a sought-after speaker, Heidi Horne focuses on mindset, mindfulness and creating positive attainable habits.

She is recognised for her inspiring and personable presentations to release stress and anxiety, create mindfulness and lead a balance, fulfilling and happy life.

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Everyday Mindfulness 
  • Less Stress and More Calm
  • Following your Dreams and Goals
  • Motivation and Confidence
  • Resilience and Growth Mindset
  • The power of your thoughts
  • Finding Personal Purpose

Heidi also enjoys working closely with organisation leaders to create bespoke presentations that are perfect for you, your audience and specific outcomes.

Audio Visual Requirements

  • To ensure that Heidi can deliver the most impactful keynote or presentation possible there are some key things that she’ll need:
  • Please have the following requirements in place before Heidi Horne speaks so that she can have maximum impact. If the group is more than 80 people Heidi will use a microphone (Preferably a head microphone or lapel Mic, which is her preferred method. If this cannot be met please let us know) Otherwise Heidi will require a cordless microphone or a handheld microphone with a cord at least 7 meters in length. Please also provide a microphone stand. 
  • Please sit audience directly in front of Heidi in theatre style; ideally with no seating behind or to the side of Heidi. Please provide Heidi with a bottle of water. 
  • Heidi will be bringing a USB and would prefer to plug in her USB into a laptop. Alternatively she will have her laptop, that can be plugged into data projector if required. 
  • If using an auditorium, Heidi prefers the room dimly lit, open and empty stage.

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