Corporate Wellness Programs

I rewire teams for happiness so companies are more joyous, productive and profitable.

Let’s bring mindfulness, increased resilience, productivity and wellness to your workplace with proven programs.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Most employees spend their days going from stressed out at home to stressed out at work, saving ‘’being happy’’ for their annual flop and drop on the beach holiday.

Heidi Horne shares how to rewire your habits, so you can create inner happiness each day starting with just one magical minute. Creating happy workplaces, that attract the best staff, retain the best staff and are profitable, productive and prosperous.

Over the last 17+ years, Heidi has refined the mindset, meditation and mindfulness programs with simple steps for immediate action that anyone can do to feel daily happiness, increased resilience, productivity and sustainability. 

Now is the time for high achievers to recognize they are moving too fast, and need to turn inward, and create their own tool-box to cope with daily overwhelm to create a balanced and sustainable life, and I am passionate to share this with them.

Let’s bring mindfulness, increased resilience, productivity and wellness to your workplace.

What I Do

Many Fortune 500 companies have now embraced health and wellbeing practices as part of their culture to boost employee morale and maximise performance. The proven results of mindfulness in the workplace, help businesses save money by reducing stress leave, illness and staff turnover.

Introduce easy, simple and effective ways to cope with the everyday challenges that make us feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. Immediate actionable techniques that can be used daily. Set up a routine that is bite-size mindful moments. Small changes have a big impact.

Combining techniques and tools of yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindset, to release the stress and overwhelm, and increase resilience, creativity and productivity to employees to allow them to have sustainability at a high level.


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How it Works

Heidi works with high achievers, multinational companies and their teams of employees.

  • Mindset, Mindfulness and Happiness Methods to thrive, not just survive
  • Increased resilience, creativity, productivity and wellbeing
  • Immediate actionable tools to handle stress and anxiety
  • A combination of ancient wisdom, modern thinking, and inspired by world class thought leaders
  • Build an emotional tool-box to cope with daily overwhelm and create a balanced life

Happiness And Mindfulness Programs


The key outcomes of this program include improved employee well-being, reduced stress levels, increased resilience, enhanced emotional intelligence, and a positive and productive work environment.



The key outcomes of this program include increased adaptability, improved stress management skills, enhanced work-life balance, and greater overall employee well-being and productivity.



The key outcomes of this program include reduced stress levels, improved sleep quality, enhanced well-being, increased productivity, and better overall employee engagement and satisfaction.


Next Steps


What Clients Are Saying

“Heidi has worked with us on a number of occasions over the years. Notably, her online meditation sessions have really helped to provide our staff with scheduled time to switch off and release stress during their working day. The feedback from participants was more than the physical benefits, creating a sense of connection and wellbeing. In addition, Heidi supported us for RUOK day, facilitating a mindfulness session that where our staff could pause and reflect on their own self-care. Heidi’s style is very inclusive and enables all staff to participate and feel comfortable in these sessions. Heidi is always willing to answer questions and provide personalised guidance.”

Lisa Price
Head of Human Resources/HR BP HP ANZ Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Ltd

“I have known Heidi professionally for 10 months through Bupa Corporate Wellness. She has been a service provider to one of my platinum clients providing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and presentations. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge to our weekly wellness programs from her decades of experience. She is professional, warm and personable and brings this energy into every session. Staff are influenced by her calm energy and look forward to her sessions week to week. I would highly recommend Heidi as a workplace wellness facilitator for any program.”

Estelle Rose Rehayem
Wellness Advisor, Bupa Wellness - DRP

"Heidi’s presentation to our staff for our Wellness Day was practical, informative, engaging and impacting for the staff at Rydges Sydney Airport. Her personal stories made what she offered so relatable to everyone. Her knowledge of how to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing stress was just what we needed to hear in what can be very busy and stressful work environments but also to help manage the issues we face in our personal lives. I would highly recommend Heidi for your conference or event. An exceptional talent and highly professional.."

Joanna Carruthers
General Manager Rydges Sydney Airport

"Thank you for your presentation in the 8th Public Sector EA/PA Summit that ran last week. On behalf of Akolade, we sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you put into being there at the event and sharing your work with our delegates - the event was a success because of your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge and learnings. Your presentation was inspiring and I'm sure everyone at the conference took away heaps of helpful tips to take back to their own organisations."

Bianca Almeida
Akolade - Learning and Development HUB for Industry Professionals.